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Make your app social and boost your community engagement without worrying about scalability, maintenance and reliability of a complicated social infrastructure.

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Social API Infrastructure & Data Intelligence platform

We make high-quality Social features integration easy, so developers can focus on building their core product helping developers easily add pre-built social+ features with a few lines of code.


Best of in-app social features

We at ⚡ Kitcod have built Social API Infrastructure (social-as-a-service) to help app owners integrate in-app communities in hours. Build online communities, drive social engagement, create positive experiences, and grow your revenue. Connects users with each other and with the brands they care about through rich in-app conversations across the in-app community, groups, and chats.

In-App Community

Bring your users together - captivate, understand, and nurture the online communities that drive your business.

Newsfeed & UGC

Newsfeed with User-generated content - Let your users create posts, comments, reaction with fully AI moderation

Social Graph

Follow users, Tag @users, Personal timelines. Have users and influencers  build user generated content for their own personal feed on your app

User segmentation (A.I)

Gearing your stack toward customer retention. Assist in user segmentation, drive the onboarding process, Increase engagement, and Improve the customer experience

Chat & Groups + Voice

Enables users to connect with high-performing chat services on your app. From one-on-one to large-scale group messaging, power them with Kitcod Chat SDK, with messaging service APIs to ignite connections and open discussions.

Deep Insights

Get deeper insights about your users on one single easy to use Admin Dashboard. Explore other users, create admin level content, manage user and memberships and more of their engagements and behaviours.

We make it easy to track all user analytics

Automated Segmentation Engine

Identify and engage specific user groups to send personalized campaigns across channels.

In-depth monitoring

Get deeper insights about user profile, location, social graph, and in the future - cross brand insights about your users.

Custom-made reports to make great decisions

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Increase in retention
User base growth
Video API to plugin to Social - Next season

Social+ Video API designed for all sorts of use case

Live Stream Commerce

Start connecting your products with Shoppable Live Video with the right audience. Micro- and nano-influencers to create content to share with in-app communities and groups, blending entertainment with instant purchasing. Allows your audience to create new content on your platform and come back for more.

In-App Live Video

Live Video brings leadership communications to life. Go live from your phone and engage customers, employees or students, or the non-profit community, wherever they are. With Live Video, people can comment or ask any questions they may have. It really strengthens our bond as a community in terms of top-to-bottom communication.

Storytelling with short videos

We’re bringing short form, entertaining video experiences and tools that have inspired creators on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to your platform. Creators — whether they’re just starting out or already have a large following — will have more ways to express themselves, grow their communities and reach new audiences.


Early adopters across industries love us


Robin Cape, Building Exchange App

eToro has set a new trend in the exchange app world, everyone is looking for a follow trade and a social experience while making decisions on our app. We are working as an early innovators and adopter to integrate Kitcod on our App

Social Live Streaming

Jessica Novia, Global Ads Community at Google

Pairing Sociallie's product data with its own AI and machine learning work with Kitcod's user generated content is a game changer for our app. We will be working with Kitcod's Social Streaming and group buying options to further enhance our business capabilities.

Health Care

Head of Marketing at DoctorNow

Full-featured social layer is something we all need in the healthcare space, where users, doctors and healthcare professionals can closely stay connected on different usecases.


VP of Technology at

Pairing Sociallie's product data with its own AI and machine learning work with Kitcod's user generated content is a game changer for our app. We will be working with Kitcod's Social Streaming and group buying options to further enhance our business capabilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's Kitcod Social features?

Kitcod’s multiple features are a collection of SDKs (Software Development Kit) and modules that enable social features and experiences inside any application. It can be easily plugged in and integrated into any app with just a few lines of code using these SDKs

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, as long as you have less than 1K MAU, we consider that testing and you can use the product for free. Once you cross the 1K MAU, you enter one of our paying tiers. Get started with your Testing Account today - availability is limited!

Do you offer team accounts?

Every app has a single admin-owner, owners can then assigne multiple team with different access levels.

What platforms are supported?

Kitcod Social is available on a number platforms, including iOS, Android, and Web. Leverage the API or integrate our libraries and components build on React, React Native, Flutter and Swift.

What are the charges?

Based on Starter, Pro or Enterprise pricing plans the customers will be charged based on the Monthly Active Users (MAU). MAU is the number of unique users (with uniqueness defined by the user-ID) that connect to Kitcod servers through SDK or API to create or consume content within a monthly billing cycle.

Is this tool GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are enterprise ready compliant with advanced moderation systems & capabilities, Built-In user reporting, PDPA, GDPR & ISO Compliance and data protection.

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