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we are Kitcod

The future is social — and we at Kitcod are on a mission to make social experiences more accessible than ever. Allows companies and brands to easily integrate plug-and-play social features into their apps and digital channels to drive engagement, build communities, and grow revenue.


Tracked MAU

Our commitment to reaching min 550M MAU in 5 yrs


Social Interactions

We will power 5 billion social interactions month on month


Revenue Target

Reach 200m Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in 5 yrs


Serve Customers

Aim to power 3k+ apps
with our Social APIs in 5 yrs

A fantastic team is always the foundation of a great story

Our desire propels us to new heights. Through product, performance, strategic customer support, and thought leadership, we're dedicated to creating new benchmarks in consumer engagement.

Our mission is to Increase the Social engagement of the internet.

Build Decentralized Social Infrastructure of the Internet. From connecting students and teachers in schools, to help fans celebrate together in digital stadiums, to enabling sellers to tap on a group-buy across the world in the digital commerce world with our newsfeed, in-app groups, chat, and video platform helps businesses to engage with their customers across all channels, regions, business lines, and end-users through billions of real-time, intelligent, personalized interactions each year.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do


Innovation is more about making everything better every day and embracing change. It's constantly searching for ways to “Top It!” We will co-innovate with our customers.


Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results. We are accountable about the change we bring, we want to do it with each-step right approach.


Commitment is a pledge an obligation and emotionally driven. Focus on always being professional, put the customer first, be a good teammate, stay motivated and positive, always keep company focused on the big picture.

Team Work

Teamwork makes the dream work: We work together to bring our passions and expertise to make Technology the best it can be. We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together. To drive their community-focused mission

Our team

The amazing team behind our company

Our offices

Come and visit our offices around the world

We are a friendly team, located in the heart of the city.

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